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NATS RumbleBee ENNOBLED 4/2016

RumbleBee sired countless greats including ASHS Ay CaRumba and my friends the Goodwin's beautiful red doe, Scarlet Bee, who was the 2016 JABGA Overall Grand Champion Fullblood doe! We were lucky to have owned such a buck.

ASHS Jack Frost ENNOBLED 7/2017

One of my ALL time favorite bucks that I have ever bred. I always had a soft spot for Frosty. When it came time for him to move to a new herd I was so blessed that it would be Maryellleyn Matheny to get him. We became fast friends and when I got into a jam with a bunch of unbred does and too young of a buck to do the job she lent me Frosty. Through that we were able to get kid points on him and get him ennobled. He passes great breed characteristics onto his kids and also makes great does. I now have many wonderful daughters and sons of his to continue his legacy here.

2BBT Peppermint ENNOBLED 7/2017