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Fullblooded Does


This doe is absolutely jaw dropping! She is a solid red Ace in the Hole daughter!!! We showed against her early in the year so when we saw her consigned to sale we knew she would be a perfect addition here. She is currently in with Ay CaRumba and to say I'm excited for those kids is the understatement of the year!


Have I ever told you I have the most caring husband ever? I not I'm telling you now. I lost my dear ol sweet Ashlyn in May of 2017. I was devastated. She was my favorite goat and my best friend. We had to go on, we were in charge of putting on the Wild and Wonderful Boer Goat Sale. My good friend Justin Dyjak of Sandy Ridge Boers consigned this beauty and she great granddaughter of Ashlyn's. So sale time is here and she's in the ring and I get the go ahead to bid. I stopped bidding at 4,000 thinking I would be so GROUNDED and sure enough Jeremy is in line waiting with our consignment STILL bidding! We ended up getting her and she was the best Mother's Day gift ever! She was also the high selling doe! Go figure! So glad to have a bit of Ashlyn back here at ASHS Boer Goats!


I knew we had to own this doe the moment I saw her photo on a sale ad. I had been wanting to incorporate AK 47 genetics into our herd for years and seeing this beautiful paint double bred AK 47 grand daughter was just the ticket. I contacted Margie Turner and spoke with her about Peppermint. She assured me she was everything I had pictured her to be and more. Sure enough we bought her from the Winner's Circle Sale in the fall of 2013 and brought her home to plan a date with our RumbleBee. Her first 3 natural born kids Ennobled her!!! We couldn't be happier with our Queen Peppy! 

REK3 BSA Rollin N Red

We love this beautiful daughter of CBW Power Drive ENNOBLED! We bought her in the A Bar Dispersal in 2015 and boy are we ever glad we did. She has all the qualities we look for in a good doe. Not to mention she has the biggest heart of any of the goats we have. Really looking forward to how this doe helps us move forward in the future!!!

LOSCH'S R.V.F. T-Cat's Miss White Dove

Were so tickled to have this beautiful Savanna cross doe! I've always been a huge fan of the Savanna's and Im so happy to have some of Sherrie Losch's genetics here at ASHS Boer Goats.

Yet another priceless gem we had managed to add to our herd! Angel is everything we could have hoped for in a paint doe. She's got the length, width and is chalked full of breed character. Her sire is Red Bull so we knew she would have the mothering and milking qualities that we strive for. We've already got one keeper doeling from her and are looking forward to seeing many more beauties from her.