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Does I've Raised

ASHS Chica Loca

ASHS Anni-Versary X ASHS Ay CaRumba (NATS Rumblebee ENN X 2BBT Peppermint ENN)

ASHS Frosted Margarita

ASHS Kamikaze X ASHS Jack Frost Ennobled

ASHS Frosted Red Flame Ivy

2BBT Ivy (AK 47 daughter) X ASHS Jack Frost

Flame is my miracle girl. Her mother got a horrible case of pregnancy toxemia with her first pregnancy. She kidded 10 days early and I was so worried the kids would be too weak to make it. Sure enough she had 3 HUGE kids in there putting a strain on her body. We got them in the shop under a lamp and with the wood stove burning. Bottles every few hours and continued to help momma out as much as we could. We were very fortunate that everyone survived! This past year (JULY 2017) disaster struck again as my husband found Flame down early one morning. We immediately began polio/listerosis treatment. I was completely beside myself knowing I had lost goats to this before. After many prayers, tears, and throwing the sink at my girl she made almost a FULL recovery. She is currently in with a young spotted buck and Im so anxious to see what she thinks about being a mommy. She will live here FOREVER.

ASHS Frosted Sweetheart

ASHS Pep in my Step


This doe had 47 points by 6 months of age!!!

ASHS Buzzin' Like a Bee

Rumblebee ENNOBLED X 2BBT Peppermint

This doe is without a doubt one of our top producing does. She continues to crank out awesome kids year after year. She has 24 unassigned ABGA points, all of which are from her show winning offspring. She gives us excellent quality along with beautiful colors. Fall of 2013 we were lucky enough to get a beautiful paint doe out of her and RumbleBee. We kept that doe (pictured below) and have shown her. Anni is a Red Bull daughter which makes her priceless in our eyes. She is correct in every way and is a great mother and gets a ton of milk to feed her kids. This ol gal will live our her days here with her twin sister, Ashlyn.


Without a doubt my very favorite doe! She was a daughter of the very first colored goat we had, a beautiful red doe named Freedom Farms Red Rosalita. These were the last two kids we got out of Rosie before she passed away and they are very near and dear to us. They have given us incredible kids year after year and most of our colored does go back to them in one way or another. Ashlyn had a wonderful show career as a youngster and even though she has some age now she can still go in and compete. She held up remarkably well and is a sure asset to us here!